Dear Sister,

I can’t tell you your worth, you have to find it

No single individual can tell you your worth you can’t be reminded.

It breaks my heart. I shed tears for each and every one of you cause I’ve been there. So excited by the attention and the “love” he once provided.

It’s such a shame every girl felt like-minded…

You want to be reminded?

Do you want to be reminded of the times he made a mockery of you, the disrespect and this injustice to you? He played you like a violin and you let him. You thought the music sounded beautiful?

To me it was deafening…

You feel as though it’s hard to move on and to let go. When there was no friendship prior, there was no foundation built to remain true to someone who doesn’t do anything for you.

If he doesn’t make you happy then he does nothing for you!

So why cling on to these boys that belittle you. Instead you make excuses for him, same way I did. You can’t bear the thought of being alone, being divided.

Grasping hold of anything to make you feel content. Talking to someone who’s done you so wrong allows them to believe their actions were correct. If you excuse he’s behaviour you must have been misguided. Somewhere along the line you’ve allowed yourself to feel like less of a woman. You’ve allowed yourself to settle and be content with someone who is less than what life is.

I’m no expert in what they call love but I believe in believing in you. If I can see your worth without sexualising and objectifying, you should too.

Would you want your sister to be with someone like him, if yes?

I’ll be silent..


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