Breaking the Perceptions of Poetry.

I get asked all the time why did you start a blog? What is it about? What’s its purpose?

Funnily enough its something employers like to hear about. Not because blogs are essential for employment opportunities but because it’s a hobby of mine. It’s something I do in my spare time. Similar to watching football, playing basketball, playing the piano, even that daily dose of social media. Each individual has something they enjoy. A hobby. And even though my blog is just that. I also enjoy communicating.

Speaking and voicing my opinion on what I believe current issues are.

Speaking and voicing my opinion on things I think need to be addressed.

Speaking and voicing.

Letting out the thousands of thoughts that consume my brain daily. If you’re a thinker like me the amount of times a thought enters your brain are not measurable and I’m a firm believer in things building up. So why not write about it. Why not speak on things that make you happy things that make you sad. Elements that have affected you or your loved ones. If not it will build. If not those voices will build until you can no longer hear peace.

I am practising peace and by clearing these thoughts allows room for nothingness. I want to be present and absorb my surrounding for our time on earth is limited. So why have a brain that is overflowing with thoughts when you can voice them. Share them and share experiences. Someone can learn from your mistakes, I learn every day.

In answer to your question my blog is about breaking the perceptions of poetry. You are taught in school that poetry must rhyme and if your shoes don’t rhyme with whose and amuse, you lose. Your words don’t quite fit that standard of what a poem is but why be so subjective. Who made the rules. In my opinion poetry is a feeling, it a form of art. It’s your hearts voice that can be interpreted by many in different ways and unfortunately this heart can’t be tamed. I don’t apologise for my stanza’s not being in sync or the chorus not rhyming to your exact liking. My poetry is me, your poetry can be what you chose it to be. No limits, not silenced, not compared.


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