My Hobby.

A single stare can turn into a whole other universe.


Any normal person would see a man playing an instrument. That’s not what I saw. Every key he played touched my soul and although he was just doing it for fun, it made me happy.


A passion is something most people live for and a talent is what he possesses. Each touch felt in connection to my body.

As he caressed the keys they spoke to me and if I closed my eyes for a split second it felt like home.

It felt like I was exactly where I should be at that moment in time.

If you ever get to experience Déjà vu I believe it means you’re on the right path in life. This is your journey and is what your God intended. To be in the present moment. I’m so content. I am so content.

Such manly hands moving in time with my spirit. I’ve never experienced a soul such as he. So intelligent, I’m in awe. He not only played my mind, he played something deeper within. With each note an uncontrollable desire overcame me. Getting stronger and stronger.


To him, he was just playing an instrument. To any other person, he was just playing an instrument. To me it was more. To me it was more than just the physical.


and that was my first encounter with something. No.

Someone so special. 


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